Located in West Yorkshire, England and with its vast population, Leeds is one of the UK’s largest cities. It proves to be a popular tourist destination and a sought after area for re-location among professionals.

Leeds is a city steeped in history and it expanded greatly during the industrial revolution. Industries included textiles, coal, pottery, leather and chemicals. There were also several notable advancements in steam locomotive engineering and railway links.

With the fastest-growing city in the UK, the economy in Leeds is expected to grow by 21% in the next decade. It’s also a city experiencing a great deal of regeneration with unused retail and office buildings being repurposed into modern homes. In particular, this rapid recovery in construction is partly due to a number of residential developments.


An Iconic Student City

The low cost of living, the vibrant nightlife and the numerous universities make Leeds a popular destination for students who describe it as a fun and friendly city. The majority of its students originate from the south of the country, attracted up north by the welcoming culture and the high calibre of courses on offer. 

Naturally, there has been a move towards retaining the talent that the many universities produce and thus there has been significant ongoing investment across the city and in its various boroughs.

- Bridge House, Leeds
- Rawdon House, Leeds

Transport and Connectivity

Leeds has good road and rail links and is just over two hours by train from London Kings Cross. The area is home to Leeds Bradford Airport which is growing at an impressive rate.

Public transport, rail and road communications networks in the region are focused on Leeds and there are a number of twinning arrangements with towns and cities in other countries.

There has been significant investment in the broadband infrastructure and access is being improved throughout the region – the city is also a key area for 5G rollout.

A low cost of living alongside a higher standard of living means that the area features highly on the Quality of life index.

–Vibrant culture & history

The centre is currently experiencing a £15 million revamp project to give priority to public transport, pedestrians and cyclists. Ongoing regeneration schemes in the area continue to make the city a very attractive environment for both local shoppers and visitors alike.

With a host of theatres, museums, restaurants, bars and other amenities, Leeds is a vibrant city with enough variety to keep locals and visitors entertained whatever their tastes. 

It is also the home of the first Marks & Spencer which started as a penny bazaar on the Kirkgate market before its flagship store opened on Boar Lane and then re-located to Briggate – where it can still be found today.

Leeds market g4aa747582 1920
–A Culture of Innovation

The city is thought to be home to some of the UK’s most prominent players in the digital health sector. This has resulted in a significant amount of investment in technology and start-ups. With the current growth expected to continue, the city is a sound choice for those who are considering their investment opportunities.

The site of Leeds General Infirmary is now at the centre of a groundbreaking scheme. An innovation pop-up based there has worked with 150 companies focusing on areas such as science, technology and engineering. It aims to solve some of the most pressing healthcare challenges both in the UK and globally.


The number of large and medium-sized businesses is well above the national average in Leeds and it has over 32,000 VAT-registered organisations. Notable employers include Yorkshire Post Newspapers, Rockstar Games Leeds, Capita, Direct Line and PwC. In 2021 Chanel 4 also relocated its headquarters there, further adding to the city’s prestige.

While both business and financial services are responsible for a significant amount of output – there are a host of other employers across sectors. On the whole, Leeds has a broad mix of private and public sector employers.

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