Northumberland, a county home to 319,000 people, is an area rich in history and diverse landscape. Situated in northern England, the area is popular with tourists due to its varied physical geography and beautiful national parks and yet is the least densely populated county in England.

Northumberland castle
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A centre for activity

Northumberland National Park is a geographical gem of the county which attracts many tourists every year. Covering a quarter of the county, the National park sits between the Scottish border and Hadrian’s wall. The stunning landscape has also been largely protected from development and agriculture to conserve its natural beauty. 

The area is a highly-favourable place to live too. Hexham, a small market town in the county, has frequently won the title of the happiest place to live in Britain. It is with titles like these that the area remains a highly regarded and loved area of the country. 

The county also hosts an abundance of festivals and music events throughout the year, including the Lindisfarne Festival and the House of Barefoot Festival – which is great for all of the family!

Alnwick castle

Rich in history

Renowned for its rich history, Northumberland has more castles than any other county in the world. Residents are sure to be kept busy with day visits to the astounding castles including Alnwick Castle, Bamburgh Castle and Hexham Abbey. 

Rock art is a fascinating feature of the landscape, with hillforts such as Yeavering Bell and stone circles such as the Goatstones. Regardless of interests or hobbies, the history of the area is captivating to all.

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A Perfect housing solution

In recent years, the county has experienced a crisis in affordable housing for people looking to live and work permanently in the region. Due to the area’s popularity among tourists and people purchasing holiday homes, concerns have been raised that the county could quickly turn into a ghost town during certain months of the year.

We are proud that our modern and affordable apartments provide the perfect answer for those looking to move to the area permanently and for people wanting a high quality of life.

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