Located in the heart of Wakefield, Grosvenor House is set to welcome 44 beautifully constructed apartments designed for optimal living. 

A small city with a deep and rich history, Wakefield which is located in West Yorkshire sits on the eastern edge of the Pennines by the River Calder. Formally a large trading centre, it is quickly becoming a desirable destination due to its location, growing economy and excellent value for money when it comes to residential property. 

Grosvenor House Bedroom Empire Property

A bright and spacious living space

Grosvenor House’s apartments offer the perfect living solution to the city’s growing number of job opportunities and popularity as a place to live.

With a neutral colour palette running throughout, each apartment is designed to allow optimal room for personalisation. Whether that’s adding a pop of colour to the living room or sticking to the calming shades in the bedroom, there’s room to make these apartments home. 


The spacious open-plan living area, consisting of the kitchen, lounge and dining room maximises space and provides a perfect space for socialising. 

Each kitchen has grey tiling and spotlighting, providing residents with the ultimate modern living experience. With large wooden countertops and electric stoves, preparing and cooking food in each kitchen couldn’t be easier.

Large windows feature in each room, allowing vast levels of light to flood the apartment – making these properties ideal for those who may work from home. 

Neutral carpets run throughout the bedrooms, creating a clear and stunning palette. The carefully designed zoning of these homes ensures a seamless transition from a working environment to a space which allows residents to unwind and achieve ultimate relaxation at the end of the day. Perfect for modern living.

Grosvenor House Bathroom Empire Property

Grosvenor House’s bathrooms are certainly no exception. With walk-in showers, modern stone tiling and electric towel racks, each bathroom offers a great level of peace and tranquillity.

Benefitting from a communal rooftop terrace, residents have exclusive access to excellent skyline views of Wakefield. With a range of benches, residents can either soak up the sun or enjoy the fresh air whenever they please.

Grosvenor House Wakefield

An abundance of things to do

Sitting just metres away from Trinity Walk Shopping Centre, those who inhabit Grosvenor House are sure to be kept busy by the abundance of shops and restaurants nearby. 

Opening in 2011, Trinity Walk shopping centre is 500,000 sq ft and is just one of the excellent development projects introduced in the area and serves as a great example of Wakefield’s growth as a city. With many other local regeneration projects underway, such as the 15-year regeneration plan for the waterfront area, Wakefield is projected to have a bright future ahead and attract many more people to live and work in the area.

Wakefield is renowned for how well-connected it is. Situated in the south of Leeds, residents can drive into Leeds city centre in just 20 minutes or catch a short 15-minute train ride. Because of this, Wakefield is a great place to live for working professionals wanting to commute to Leeds. 

Just a stone’s throw away from the city-centre development is the River Calder. Here, residents can join other locals in taking walks alongside the river and taking in the surrounding scenery. 

Wakefield Church

A thriving economy and market

Historically a large trading centre for corn, coal and textiles, Wakefield has since been reinventing itself away from its industrial past. More recently, Wakefield has experienced an impressive 50% growth in the Information and Communication industry between 2020 and 2021, which has seen a surge in job opportunities in the area.

In 2018, Wakefield was ranked as the tenth-fastest growing city economy in the United Kingdom. Its excellent location and great connection to the motorway and ongoing regeneration have contributed to the city’s growing economy and has continued to attract more people and businesses who want to live and operate in the area. 

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