The finer detail is yet to be confirmed but landlords are an easy target, and the policy will be a vote winner for the Government as it will give a better advantage to first time buyers. The policy seems to indicate that the Government doesn’t want accidental or part-time landlords taking part in the market, and would prefer that landlords with larger portfolios carry forward the provision of rental accommodation.

This highlights another positive reason why it is imperative to be a professional landlord in the coming years and why it is essential to be involved with such an entity if aiming to be involved in the residential lettings market.

The residential property market is being steered towards more professional outlook & the squeeze from will be become more apparent over the next few years as we see landlords leaving the market, which will pave the way for the provision of the much needed service of residential rental accommodation by professional/larger landlord organisations.

Empire Property Concepts and its associated holding companies are therefore well positioned to capitalise on the current conditions, which will provide comfort any investors involved with the on-going growth and development of mutual portfolios.

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